Knowledge, Creativity & GUIDANCE

Theatre is where we started. Bringing together technical departments and disciplines to meet your vision. Creating a seamless performance is what we do best.

For a great service, you not only need great equipment, but a team of theatre professionals who are skilled advisors, practical thinkers and creative minds. We founded 1stintheatre because we had assembled a team of highly skilled technical practitioners, who all shared 1stintheatre’s goals and values, and we wanted to make this team available to as many groups, societies and companies as possible.

The team we have built, can collaborate under the most immense time pressures whilst upholding our extremely high standards and aspirations. Working with the knowledge of what can be achieved with what is available, all of us at 1stintheatre have delivered incomparable support with unending creativity time and time again.



Skill & craft

Lighting is an essential element of any production. A considered and well crafted design lives on long after the curtain falls, through photos and performance videos. With the support our Lighting Technicians, it has never been easier to shape the image on stage into something to be proud of.

Our services cover the technical and artistic aspects of Theatrical Lighting from Design to Implementation. We are supported by our team of Freelance Lighting Technicians, who have experience in using a range of Lighting Desks and Lanterns, utilising their skills and creativity to help you achieve your vision.



Clarity & Consistency

Achieving and maintaining a High Quality of sound on every performance is important to us. Working with either the equipment at your disposal or advising on a suitable and affordable alternative, our Sound Team have experience in a wide variety of production and venues styles.

Supported by our team of highly passionate Freelance Sound Engineers and Designers we have worked on events ranging from large scale Musical Productions, involving live mixing of large quantities of cast and instrument microphones, to atmospheric Sound Designs for Plays in intimate studio spaces.



Organisation & preparation

Our Stage Managers work closely with you to ensure the smooth running of all of your performances. Co-ordinating all of the technical departments and remove the stress involved by communicating your ideas to our production team.

Additionally, we can create Production Paperwork such as Risk Assessments, Hanging Plots and Microphone Plots alongside running Production Meetings, Technical Rehearsals and Dress Rehearsals giving you the space and time to realise your creative vision.


 Video & Projection

Dynamic & Transformative

Enhance your production with high-quality Video Content and Projection. Whether it be designed by our Freelance Video Designers or your own creation realised by our technicians. There is no need for projection to be complicated.

Equipped with Industry standard Video Control software and high output projectors, we offer content and system design as well as programming, video mapping and setup services.