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We’re back. Ready for our fourth year. Ready to make it our most successful yet.

We redefined what our website can do and then we re-designed completely to make this possible. It now; fully showcases our services, reflects our values showing what sets us apart and it gives you a reason to get in touch.

Please let us know your thoughts on our new website so we can continue to improve.
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We are 1stintheatre.

A Technical Production Company, specialising in Theatre and Live Events. Providing the backstage technical services required to stage a production.

From technicians and equipment through to design and management.

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Outstanding support as always...
— Viva Theatre Arts
Hard working perfectionists...
— Step Onto Stage

The team we have gathered, can collaborate under the most immense time pressures whilst upholding our extremely high standards and aspirations.

Working with the knowledge of what can be achieved with what is available, all of us at 1stintheatre have delivered incomparable support with unending creativity time and time again.