Our goal has always been to help and support people like yourself in any way we can. We are not only “the Company who provides the equipment”, we are the Company who offers you that helping hand when you need it most.

In our experience there are very few other companies, similar to us, who collaborate as closely as we do. This has driven us to go that one step further to do more than just support you. When working together we want to co-produce your next event by working closely with you, ultimately achieving your vision and meeting your practical and financial needs on every production.

At the heart of everything we do, our mission is to make the planning of every event as simple as possible. With this in mind, we push ourselves to continually improve by reviewing; every decision, conversation and cost involved in our most recent production.

With collaboration at the forefront of the 1stintheatre culture, together with our friends and teammates who share our goals and enthusiasm, we are passionate about becoming your first thought from the moment you start planning your next production.

we want to become your first thought
from the moment you start planning your next production.

Our History 

We strive for a professional, personal and approachable service.

Founded in 2015, we saw the need for a Company who strive for professional standards on small budgets with a personal and approachable service supporting you in realising your vision.

After being left frustrated by Companies who couldn’t meet our own needs, we decided that founding our own Company would allow us to collectively meet the comprehensive needs of our own friends and collaborators, many of which we have known for many years.

After years of working together on numerous productions alone, our shared; enthusiasm, desire to strive for perfection and close friendships, led us to establish our Company; 1stintheatre.

More than just its four co-founders; Tracy, Iain, Josh and Matt, 1stintheatre is a collective of friends, teammates and collaborators who all believe whole-heartedly in the aims and objectives of our organisation.



Through the word of mouth, from people like yourself, we have grown year on year proving that we are one of the most proactive and progressive companies within our field, supporting an ever growing number of schools, societies and companies to achieve incredibly high production values. We even continually review the services that we offer to make sure that we are meeting your changing needs whilst also providing value for money to meet your budget.

With the shared energy and commitment of every single person that represents 1stintheatre and what we stand for, we continue to receive positive comments from those we support and have our previous collaborators return to us year upon year.

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